Don't Replace Your Concrete Surfaces

Don't Replace Your Concrete Surfaces

Hire a concrete resurfacing contractor in New York, NY instead

Is your concrete cracked, discolored or uneven? Chynna Concrete Corp provides concrete resurfacing services in the New York, NY area.

Don't drain your bank account to demolish, remove and install new concrete surfaces before considering your other option. Concrete resurfacing can smooth out, fill in and make your tired old concrete floors look brand new, while saving you time and money.

Our concrete resurfacing process uses the same ingredients as concrete itself. The difference is, it includes a polymer bonding agent that fills in divots, prevents shrinkage and evens out your concrete surfaces.

Count on Chynna Concrete Corp to transform your damaged concrete surfaces into shiny, polished concrete floors.

How to decide between concrete resurfacing or polishing

Chynna Concrete Corp tackles concrete resurfacing projects in New York, NY and surrounding areas.

Resurfacing is the way to go if:

  • Your concrete surface has sustained major damage
  • You want to give your floor a textured finish
  • You'd like to seed your floor with decorative stones or rocks

Call us at 212-563-2400 to get your concrete floors resurfaced.